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Enterprise 2.0, as explained in previous blogs is the concept of incorporating web 2.0 applications into a business model. Social networking and other web 2.0 tools are used within a business to increase productivity and target wider marketing and therefore higher profit opportunities.

This blog post is all about the important benefits businesses can embrace when incorporating enterprise 2.0 applications into their respective business operations. These enterprise 2.0 applications can be costly and it is important to identify the benefits and also point out proof from case studies undertaken where success factors have been seen. Some would think to themselves, incorporating social media tools and other web 2.0 services into a business is a distraction and a waste of time, but businesses will benefit from key factors surrounding:

– Productivity and efficiency from employees

– Knowledge through sharing

– Reputation of the business

– Staff engagement

The business wanting to attain an enterprise 2.0 service will have to identify and manage the risks associated with it.

These are the key benefits and the drivers for businesses, as well as the risks, to incorporate enterprise 2.0 services into everyday business applications. To realize the success businesses have achieved from enterprise 2.0 applications, I’ve taken a detailed look at a case study from a business that has realized the benefits.

There are of course risks involved with incorporating enterprise 2.0 systems. Being web 2.0 tools these services can be used in a damaging and non professional way. The risks associated with using enterprise 2.0 applications through misuse or ill-managed in a business include:

– Reliability

– Damaging reputation

– Loss of control through wrongly-controlled security membership

– Loss of productivity through misuse (unprofessional use)

– Resources to manage the wiki, who keeps it up-to-date, growth

– Security, who has access and to what level?

The success story I will be looking at is where Novell has incorporated Wikis into their business infrastructure to improve productivity and knowledge; two of the above benefits outlined.

Novell introduced wikis within their intranet for the purpose of improving team productivity and also across the entire enterprise. The case study used here: describes how Novell has used wikis on both a team level for engineers as well as across the entire business effectively to improve on the above outlined areas, in particular productivity and efficiency and knowledge. Two of the focus areas of this case study, and part of the key success factors in successful enterprise 2.0 services are knowledge, and Productivity and efficiency.

Novell has realized these two benefits through its use of wikis. At a team level, the business is using the wikis and is achieving higher productivity and knowledge levels through software development. This is due to the openness of wiki pages in which teams on small and large scales can contribute pieces of vital information, documentation, suggestions and historical details about projects and development. The wiki allows knowledge sharing with team members posting progress on the wiki where other  members of the team or company are able to keep track of updates and documentation, bug fixes, etc. This also ensures no overlap in work is being done as oppose to relying on conversations, emails, memos etc. It is easy to see here that collaborating with a team has become far more effective.  Having a project and all of the information associated with it centralised in one place, the wiki, makes for far better efficiency and performance.

On a larger scale across an entire enterprise, the wiki is available for everyone in the business to retrieve important information on the company such as changes, social events, meetings or general information. Users can easily follow information from the intranet wiki rather than relying on email or conversation, or watching out for physical notices. No longer are employees having to keep up with notice boards that can go ignored.

(Picture source)

The boring unattractive noticeboard becomes….

(Picture source)

…An attractive, easy to use, specialised wiki page

The benefit of the wiki is that it is available to everyone in an enterprise, it is easy to keep track of information and can be specialised for certain users through the use of hyperlinks to separate pages. Novell is a great example of how using web 2.0 tools has benefitted their business and is seeing a greater return of productivity and increased business awareness through knowledge sharing.