Social Media in an Enterprise

Posted: October 10, 2012 in INB346 Enterprise 2.0
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Social networking meets professional business.  There is no doubt social networking is a powerful tool for both the individual and now an entire enterprise.

In previous weeks, the Brisbane Airport has been used as a case study scenario in which enterprise applications can be introduced to improve current business processes. Organizations use social networking in order to improve company image, improve internal and external collaboration and communication, and so forth. Through means such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc a company such as the Brisbane Airport can greatly improve business processes and see great value in using social media as a tool in its enterprise.

Social media can be used to greatly improve business processes and 3 have been discussed here;

–       Marketing

Through the means of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, organizations are able to promote their company image and brand themselves on the internet. Marketing is increased on a large scale, where a public internet post is shared among potentially thousands of people.

Through marketing, social media enables business organizations to effectively promote products that many people may not be exposed to through other forms of media. (

–       Feedback from customers

A company using social media can bring the company down to earth in a positive way. Social media bridges the communication gap between customer and employer. Through social media, a company such as the Brisbane Airport can open a public facing social media tool in which users can provide valuable feedback.

With open public feedback, there of course will be positive and negative feedback. This can be taken advantage of as organizations can promote a good image to customers by taking in feedback and improving on company processes, image, reputation and customer satisfaction. (

–       Communication and Collaboration

Social media provides a central point of communication for both customers and employees. It provides a central point for important information about upcoming events, customer feedback, competition and much more. The key is knowledge and social media brings customer knowledge sharing into one place. A user can log on and post their experiences on the Brisbane Airport’s Facebook page, whether it is positive or negative.

The organization is able to communicate to its customers through new means such as Twitter. Brisbane airport for example, can post vital information about flights, promotions and other information and any users following the appropriate tag will see the post.  Through social media communication and collaboration externally and internally is greatly increased. (CIO Journal.)

A strategy the Brisbane Airport would greatly benefit from would be to employ a Facebook page for business purposes. The page would provide a central point of information about the business itself as well as a communication tool between company and customer. Facebook is a powerful tool to create a good relationship between company and customer.

By incorporating Facebook into current business processes, greater communication can be established as well as marketing and customer feedback opportunities. Facebook opens the door to communicate effectively and promote business to customers. Users are able to visit the page, see useful articles, visit the company page and receive vital updates.

Careful considerations of course have to be taken in account such as privacy settings, linking of emails, Facebook rules, and linking services such as Twitter. Some steps in the wrong direction can cost a company its reputation. A full list of ways to use Facebook for business can be found here: 32 Ways to use Facebook for Business.

There is no doubt a Facebook page would be greatly beneficial with the ability to combine with services like Twitter. A simple Facebook page for the organization can greatly boost public image and communication to customers. Customers are the key driver for growth and reputation and Facebook provides another powerful platform to do so.


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