Creating my online presence

Posted: August 16, 2012 in INB346 Enterprise 2.0

Welcome to my first blog post!

What makes a successful blog post? Successful blogging and creating a strong community presence requires strategies, motivation and helpful sources of information. Whilst blogging can be personal, it requires a balance between both personal views and professional, factual written content. A balance between the two will enable the writer to create a structured and readable post the reader will find helpful and interesting.  Creating a strong web presence requires creating good content and earning reputation, allowing and monitoring feedback and using it to your advantage to further strengthen your presence.

Making a balance and creating a successful blog requires a strategy to engage an audience and keep readers coming back. A helpful strategy is to enable commenting to allow the readers to provide helpful feedback. This feedback needs to be taken on board to improve future writings and allow an insight into other’s opinions and views on the topic of discussion. Using commenting as a collaborative tool can provide more sources of information and brain sharing. Although I have not previously used Twitter, in this unit of study I will be using Twitter to create an online presence and provide a useful way for my peers to view blog posts and receive updates as well as use Twitter as a source for finding other helpful blog posts.

My blog’s purpose is to create helpful insights into the study of enterprise 2.0. It will contain weekly writings about participating in the online community using web 2.0 and how enterprise systems are using web 2.0 to excel in productivity. Throughout this time in studying enterprise 2.0, I hope to achieve a level of community presence, at the least of fellow classmates participating in the enterprise 2.0 unit and also beyond. Web 2.0 tools will be required to achieve this, such as my online blog and twitter. In creating this blog, I hope to write helpful content to the online community with regards to enterprise 2.0 applications that isn’t just confined to the class of enterprise 2.0.


Enterprise 2.0: Business Process meets IT – A summary of the key drivers in the development of business enterprise 2.0

In future writings my focus will be as mentioned, on enterprise 2.0 and how businesses are incorporating web 2.0 tools into their business strategies to branch out to a much wider community and get their business name out there.  IT and business process management come together to form a model to help the successful growth of a business through the use of online tools and web 2.0.

For the wider community unconfined to the unit of enterprise 2.0, this is a unit of study at QUT.


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