Software above the level of a single device

Posted: April 25, 2012 in INB347 Web 2.0
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Mobile and wireless devices have allowed us to connect in ways we never have before. With the recent advancement of mobile devices into smart devices, we are able to connect from anywhere at any time to the world wide web.  This has allowed for the advancement of web 2.0 applications to be enhanced for mobile devices, harnessing the user and enhancing data in ways never before possible.

Data is continuously being collected in many different forms to enhance the web experience and with mobile devices the rich data comes in forms of GPS, location, mobile upload, live data stream, and all on-the-fly.

The concept of this web 2.0 pattern is that software on a PC is not the only practical medium of communication across the web; and that resources are now gathered centrally through many forms of devices.

A prime example of moving from the PC to mobile devices, is the cellular phone such as iPhone, Samsung galaxy and Windows phone 8 for typical examples.  These mobile deviecs allow seemless communication to the web in many different forms such as location services, Facebook, eBay, Google and Twitter and many other mobile format applications.

As a good example to discuss, the Windows phone 7.5 will be used in conjunction with the Microsoft SkyDrive; explaining the concept of moving above singular devices and allowing user’s to gather their resources, share and communicate from anywhere they’re connected. The windows phone with the SkyDrive application allows the user’s to move from the PC and access word documents, presentations, photos, emails and hotmail through SkyDrive. SkyDrive is a cloud service allowing user’s to upload, share and store files on a hosted web server ( This can be easily accessed from mobile devices, especially Windows 7.5 phones with enhanced SkyDrive connectivity capabilities, allowing user’s to upload and share media straight to the cloud service from within the Operating system.  With the use of Windows 7.5 phones comes enhanced SkyDrive features that allow desktop word processes to be viewed with almost full capabilities on a Windows 7.5 Phone.

The Windows Phone 7/7.5 combined with SkyDrive capabilities makes use of the best practices with relation to the pattern introduced above as it ensures good capabilities on the phone device. This allows for GPS tracking on shared photos, and full Micrsoft Office capabilities unique to the windows phone. What’s unique and a best practice is it’s use of social networking in-built into the OS; with Facebook and Twitter built-in for quick shares.

SkyDrive from the phone view:

The Windows Phone and SkyDrive could quite possibly be the best multi-platform software on the market today. With it’s functionality capabilities of Microsoft office suite, Outlook, photo sharing through an easy in-built SkyDrive functionalities within the OS, makes this software above a singular device one of the best on the market. It makes use of good practices with easy interface and transfer of applications across platforms, free-to-use and available anywhere through a ‘lite’ app or web interface. SkyDrive is just beginning in the development of cloud services and looks to be Microsoft’s finest cloud service, with many useful features available on whatever Windows platform you choose.


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